Foster Township
Marion County, Illinois

Conant Cemetery
Section 17 - Griffin Road
Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois

    The Conant Cemetery is located in Section 17 of Foster Township. It is located just south of what use to be Fosterburg on the old Vandalia-Salem Road. This road is now called Griffin Road. It is a mostly dirt road. The cemetery is just before you get to the creek and is on the west side of the road. You have to walk through a field to get to it. It is very overgrown. There is a fence, much of which has fallen down, around the cemetery. There are three large cedar trees also.
    The words in BOLD are the actual information on the stone.

1. CONANT, Elizabeth - Age 18 Years.
Daughter of Airs and Mary "Polly" (PEPPER) CONANT.)

2. CONANT, Ayres - Sep 1792 - Apr 1848.
(Correct spelling is Airs, not Ayres. He was the son of Elias CONANT. Airs was the husband of Mary "Polly" (PEPPER) CONANT.)

3. CONANT, Polly - Dec 1795 - Apr 1848.
(Daughter of John and Esther "Hessey" (WHALEY) PEPPER. Wife of Airs CONANT.)

4. CONANT, Andrew - Age 14 Years.
(He was born 1850 and died 1864, son of William Rice and Frances (SWIFT) CONANT.)

5. CONANT, Jasper N. - 14 Feb 1846 - Sep 1863.
(Son of William Rice and Frances (SWIFT) CONANT. Company B, 40th Illinois Infantry. He died in the Civil War.)

6. CONANT, Wm. R. - 15 Oct 1823 - 10 Feb 1865.
(Son of Airs and Mary "Polly" (PEPPER) CONANT. He was the husband of Frances “Fannie” SWIFT. He was the husband of wife #2 Anna (BURTON) GREENLEA)

7. MELTON, Crawford - Co F 7th IL Cav - Civil War.
(Lazarus Crawford MELTON, son of Lazarus Crawford and Lucretia (BURGE?) MELTON.)

8. WADKINS, J. A. - Co E 11 IL Inf Civil War.
(John A. WADKINS born circa 1843, Tennessee, son of John WADKINS. Death date unknown.)
(John A. married Rachel Lydia JONES 21 Nov 1867, Marion County, Illinois.)


10. MARSHAL, Julia - May 1894.
(Julia Ann MARSHALL)


Airs and Mary "Polly" (Pepper) Conant

Foster Township
Marion County, Illinois

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3 February 2021

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