Foster Township
Marion County, Illinois

Families of Foster Township
Marion County, Illinois

The James and Caroline (Green) Arnold Family

The James and Caroline (Green) Arnold Family.
Back, Left to Right: Illinoi(Arnold) Bassett, Roy Arnold, Willie Arnold, Raz Arnold, John Mass Arnold, Leander Arnold and Monroe Arnold.
Middle: Theodore, Dan and Charley.
Sitting: Caroline (Green) Arnold , Cyrus and James A. Arnold.

The Harvey Foster and Sarah (Chilton) Bassett Family

The Family of Harvey Foster and Sarah (Chilton) Bassett in 1898.
Back, Left to Right: Arthena Bell (Bassett) Altum, Maggie (McWhirter) Bassett, Gage Bassett being held by Elmer Bassett and Illinoi "Noi" (Arnold) Bassett.
Front: Harvey L. Bassett, Jim Altum, Sarah (Chilton) Bassett, LaFayette "Lafe" Bassett and James Bassett.

The Elmer and Maggie (McWhirter) Bassett Family

The LaFayette and Illinoi (Arnold) Bassett Family

The Sons of LaFayette and Illinoi (Arnold) Bassett circa 1917.
Left to Right: Harvey L. Bassett, James A. Bassett, Clyde Charles Bassett and Ralph L. Bassett.

The Eli and Valinda Melvin (Owens) Conant Family

The Family of Eli and Valinda Melvin (Owens) Conant in 1903.
Back, Left to Right: Valinda "Vindy" (Owens) Conant, Mary Elma (Conant) Harvey and Eli Conant.
Middle: John Elvin Conant, Nellie May (Conant) Robb, Margaret Velma Conant and Ira Marvin Odell Conant.
Front: George William "Bill" Conant.

The Thomas Jefferson Foster Family

The Family of Thomas Jefferson and Sarah (___?___)(Taylor) Foster.
Back, Left to Right: George Willet, Florence Martin, Mrs. L.V. Patten?, L.V. Patten, Andrew Wesley Foster, Ella (Srocka) Foster, and Jim Griffin.
Middle: Karl Patten, Mabel (Foster) Patten, Mary Belle (Foster) Willet, Ada May "Addie" "Sissie" (Foster)(Caldwell) Griffin, Maude (Foster) Tucker, James William "Ted" Tucker.
Front: Seth Martin, Arlene Patten, Winnie Tucker, Carl P. Martin.

Gathering at the Garrett Home in 1910

A gathering at the Bert and Ruby (Doolen) Garrett Home in Foster Township in December, 1910.

    Children in 1st Row, Left to Right: Raymond "Red" Atkins, Clyde Harold Ballance, Eli Doolen, William Cecil Harvey, Lela Pearl Garrett, Carroll Grason Jones, Leona Irene Garrett.

    Row Two: Joseph Fields, Richard Masey "Dick" Atkins, Charlie Doolen, Urban Eugene "Gene" Garrett, Elsworth Harvey, George Thomas "Tom" Ballance, Claude Garrett, Benjamin "Ben" Doolen.

    Row Three: Orie Atkins, Berthol Oscar "Bert" Garrett, Earl Bundy, Eli Conant, Charles Wesley "Charlie" Jones, Theodore Garrett, Samuel "Sam" Jones, Icy (Doolen) Garrett and George Airs Conant.

    Row Four (Back Row): Effa "Effie" M. (Owens) Fields, Valinda Melvin (Owens) Conant, Mary Elma (Conant) Harvey, Bessie C. (Jones) Bundy, Elizabeth "Liz" (Landsford) Atkins, Susan "Suz" (Pearson) Jones, Elizabeth "Aunt Bet" Atkins, Cinthia Kathryn "Aunt Kate" Atkins, Mahulda Reese "Hulda" (Jones) Atkins, Harriet "Hattie" (Doolen) Atkins, Carroll Wayne Garrett (the baby), Laura Della "Dell" (Atkins) Doolen, Hannah Caroline (Atkins) Jones, Carrie (Bundy) Garrett, Margaret Velma (Conant) Lawrence, Catherine "Tack" (Eagan) Conant, Homer E. "Happy" Lawrence, Emma Elzora (Garrett) Ballance, and Ruby (Doolen) Garrett.

    The common ancestors of all of these people are William and Hannah Whaley of Worcester County, Maryland. William and Hannah had 12 children. Four of their daughters have connections in Marion County, Illinois. Esther "Hessey" (Whaley) Pepper was the mother of Mary "Polly" (Pepper) Conant, from whom all the Marion County Conants descend. Mary "Polly" (Whaley) Jones aka "The Widow Mary Jones" is the ancestor of all the Foster Township Jones Family. Martha "Patsy" (Whaley) Atkins is the ancestor of all the Marion County Atkins family. Elizabeth "Betsey" (Whaley) Morris is the mother of Hannah who married Moses Garrett, the ancestors of all of the Marion County Garrett family.

The Jones and Foster Family

Believed to be the home of Eli W. Jones. Photo taken circa 1894.

    Left to Right: Martha C. (Smith) Foster, Sarah E. (___?___)(Taylor) Foster, Eli Whaley Jones, Bill the dog, Biness Fillmore Johnson, Thomas Jefferson Foster, Bessie M. Foster and Thomas Asbury "Arby" Foster.

The Charles Pitts and Rebecca (Hammer) McWhirter Family

Several Families of Foster Township

There are several families in this photo.

    Some of the names: Adamson, Arnold, Bundy, Engler, Foster, Green, Griffin, Hathaway, Headley, Jones, Kidder, Lyman, Lynch, Morris, Quayle, Robb.

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